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Information about Thornton Junior Football League


The Thornton Junior Football League was founded in 1962 when a group of men got together and started a league whose sole function was the love of the game and the opportunity for all children to participate. One of these men even mortgaged his own home to cover the start up costs.

Though the years the league has seen alot of changes, but one thing remains the same, the goal of TJFL is the positive growth of the youth of our community. TJFL has a fantastic partner in the City of Thornton, a program the size of TJFL could not function without the support we receive from every level of city government and the residents of Thornton. This is why we continue to draw more and more children to our program from other surrounding communities as well, and we welcome them all.


Our main goal is to educate and enrich the youth of our community, to teach and guide young minds in a world with alot of choices. We all know wrong choices could be devastating. Football teaches you that hard work, perseverance and teamwork can accomplish great things, it also teaches you that you will not win all the time and it is how you respond to this that defines you.


TJFL is proud to offer a program in which you are guaranteed a Starting Position in every game. In some leagues even though you sign up and show up, you still might not get to play. TJFL considers itself lucky to call Thornton home. It is because of our relationship with the city we can keep our program so inexpensive.


For your low registration fee you receive use of the equipment for the season, at the end of which you keep your jersey as our way of saying thank you and turn in the remaining gear which we store for use in future seasons. TJFL is constantly upgrading and replacing our equipment to ensure that your child plays with complete confidence that he or she is in the best equipment possible.


In most other league through out the Denver metro area you pay a registration fee and still have to purchase your own gear. Well, we all know that children grow up, so this years gear may not fit next year, this become and expense alot of families can not afford and again in some of these leagues you are still not guaranteed to play.


All of the coaches and board members from both our football and cheerleading programs are volunteers. We receive no pay for the hundreds of hours we donate each year, we do this for the love of the game, the children and the hope of the future.


"Where every child grows"


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