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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cutoff date for ages in each age group?

A: TJFL uses the athlete's grade level for the upcoming school year to determine the division in which the player is placed. TJFL athletes range in age from 4-14. If a player is 15 as of November 3rd of the current year, they are not eligible to play in TJFL.

Q: What equipment does TJFL provide to the players?

A: TJFL provides helmet, shoulder pads, and game pants with integrated pads, all of which return to the league after the season is over. Each player keeps the league provided jersey as a memento for finishing the season.

Q: Are girls allowed to play football in TJFL?
A: Yes! Girls are welcome to play football. We have had several female players in our league and they have seen a lot of success.
Q: How are players placed on teams?
A: Players are placed in a common draft. Players are randomly placed on teams according to weight. Players that are signed up as returners and register prior to the returners deadline (Some time in July for Fall) are not placed into a draft. Any returning players that register after the deadline will be placed in the draft.
Q: Is there a weight limit for players who carry the ball?
A: There are weight limits for ball carriers and the weights vary depending on division. TJFL continues to monitor the growth of youth in the area. Please contact for weight restrictions in your age group.
Q: Why does TJFL not allow teams to stay together from year to year?
A: TJFL allows players to return to their team the following season as long as it is in the same age group. We believe that players get a well-rounded football experience when they can move up and experience different coaching styles and approaches.


Q: How does TJFL handle playing time?

A: TJFL has very strict policies in place to ensure that every player has a starting position on their team in each game. We are very passionate about players getting every chance to succeed.


Q: Is TJFL’s spring program the same as its fall program?

A: Although both spring and fall football and cheerleading operate within TJFL and use the same game rules, team names and rosters are unique to each other. There is no carry over from the two seasons.


Q: Does TJFL offer financial assistance for families to pay registration costs?
A: TJFL handles financial issues on a case by case basis and has several options. Please email to request financial assistance information.


If there is a question that does not appear here or on the Info & Dates page, please email with your question.