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Regular Season 2021 FALL

Broncos 21 - Giants 6

Coming off the loss in week 3 the Broncos were chomping at the bit, Coaches knew that the team was about to explode, when the call came that running back Nathaniel was out with a sore ankle. This weakened the backfield But Running back Bronson and Josiah understood and stepped up to the challenge. 

The Player of the game was Josian who Had 2 rushing TD 1 int and a slew of tackles 

Titans 24 - Broncos 6

The Broncos entered Saturday's game as a huge underdog against the high-scoring passing attack of the Titans. But the Broncos had a defense that confused and contained the Titan offense for almost a full 3 quarters the score at the half was 0-0. The Titans were able to finally put together a rushing drive that ended in 8 points. Then on the ensuing kickoff, the Titans recovered the onside kick and the Broncos defense was back on the field. The Titans quickly scored again. The Offense now 2 TD's down came out and tried a pass that was intercepted and led to the final Titan touchdown. But the Broncos boys proved that they are not quitters and they do have a lot of heart, as they took the ball with 9 plays and marched down the field to get a touchdown. That final drive was not the winning drive for the Broncos but if you know football you know that that drive will stick with the boys that will encourage them and I believe that will turn the season. 

Bronson was the player of the game with 1 TD 1 Int's 8  tackles and too many assists to keep track of         

Broncos 7 - Bills 6

After a week 1 loss, the Broncos revamped their offense adding a few new wrinkles and moving Nathaniel to 3 back. It turned out to be a very good move. On Nathaniel's 4th carry of the game, he rumbled 45 yards to the endzone and then fought his way across the goal line for the extra point. 

This was a good old fashion slobber knocker with a lot of hard-hitting both teams had their struggles with penalties and a few fumbles. Both fought hard and the Broncos defensive stands turned out to be the difference makers     

Vikings 18 Broncos 0

In week 1 the Broncos were not ready for the bruising Vikings offense. The Broncos' offense was not as prepared as coaches had hoped. So it will be back to the drawing board for both coaches and players 

Welcome to the Broncos

Welcome to the Broncos

I am Coach Scott Bradley, my assistants are Ray Sutter running the defense. Greg Sampson will be working with the offense and defensive. We all volunteer our time for your players. I have been coaching in TJFL since 1992. I have no children on the team and because of that, every non-X player has the opportunity to try out for every position. The best player in the coach’s opinion will play in each position. Every player will have a starting position. If your player wants to be a QB or RB he has to earn it and players can start at a position and lose it to someone else. On the Broncos hard work pays off 

I am very dedicated to fundamentals and conditioning, we will hit a lot and we will do some tough drills. We are typically a smash-mouth, jamb it down your throat football team. We are going to try to bring out the vicious side of your player every practice. Some players will wish to quit after a few days, your support will prevent that. We do not want any player to quit and it will get easier. Your player may have played before but with the Broncos players will be coached.  I believe we as coaches must find each player's strengths and weaknesses and strive to make them better every practice. Our 1st goal is to have fun and learn to play football as a TEAM. As Broncos we are expected to make the playoffs, we may have a loss or 2 and that’s ok but our final goal is to win the Turkey Bowl.

If you have concerns about something coaches are doing talk to me before or after practice away from the players. Questions are great but Yelling at me will end our conversation, so will bashing other players on the team.  

I expect all players to sell all 50 raffle tickets it is not an option and more if you can. Historically the Broncos have been a top-selling team. It’s a competition and I expect us to win that too. I expect my players to keep their grades up and behave at home and school, and upon parents' requests, I will take disciplinary actions. The school will never take a back seat to football.                             

We will be practicing at the Thornton Sports Complex in the very back of the parking lot, I will put out my Broncos flag.  We will practice starting on Monday, July 30th, Wednesday, and Thursday all 6 pm -8 pm.  

After we get our equipment we will practice Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 pm -8 pm We have a scrimmage on the 14th from 8 am -12 pm. at Trail winds park 136th and holly we will need volunteers to bring fruit and drinks and snacks for this scrimmage  

I expect parents and players to take this commitment very seriously, and be at all practices and games and arrive at least 10 minutes before every practice and be in full pads with practice pants and the practice jersey on. I provide all players with practice jerseys and expect to get them back every year.  Players missing practice could miss playing time on game day. Your player joined a TEAM sport and needs to be at all events.  On Game days all players need to show up 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

WATER / SPORTS DRINKS ARE VERY IMPORTANT BRING  LOTS OF THEM TO ALL PRACTICES DEHYDRATION CAN KILL PLAYERS. We take lots of water breaks.  Water will be at all games but you can also bring your own 

Before each game we have a quick team prayer it is as simple as possible, it goes like this.

Dear Lord, please bless all the players on this field, keep them safe and help them play to the best of their ability. Amen

 I am not trying to push any religion and in no way am intending to offend anyone. It is just what we do  

During the course of the season, players will suffer injuries. If an injury warrants it, we will call you on to the field or practice field. We are trying to bring out a toughness that all players do have but if mom/dad runs to the rescue for every “owie” they won’t get tougher. So I explain to the players that there are football injuries and “owies”. An injury means a concussion, broken bones sprained ankle, or other more serious injuries. An owie is bruised hands, stepped on, jamb fingers, and cuts. At no time will we take any chances with neck or back injuries. 

Concussions “Jacobs law” dictates that If I suspect your player has a concussion you will need to take them to the doctor. Then he/she will need a release saying he/she is ok to start the return to play protocol for football, I see no need to take a chance with their brain. There are specific guidelines that the CDC requires us to follow after a concussion/head injury and it will be followed. 

Remember this is your players' youth football experience. We want to make it as much fun as possible and we will work together to make it memorable. My system works very well and has for a long time. 

On the Broncos we will not burden you with additional fundraising for the team we only do a touchdown bucket. All the money raised will go towards our end of the season banquet needs  We need a Team mom to organize snacks set up the banquet and help make calls when needed if you are interested please let me know so we can go over everything I have a system that makes it almost effortless.  

I have a few rules for parents but the Main one is to be a fan of your player and team cheer, chant “defense” or just make noise and be a great sport and even better example.

1.  No parents are allowed on the field during practice they must stay outside the fence.

2.  If you wish to coach let me know we can sit down and see if you will fit into our staff. If so you need to fill out the application and pass a background check and get concussion certified or USA certified.

3.  If you are not a coach you will have no input on anything that happens on the field. So do not make any suggestions do not undermine the coaches. We know how we want your player to play. 

4.  Never make any comments to the referees ever this only ends badly for you I will handle the Refs, if you get the team a penalty you will be removed from my sideline for the remainder of the game and or longer 

5.   No drugs or alcohol at practice or games ever please don’t show up drunk to pick up players. 

6.   Practice ends at 8 pm make sure you pick up your player at 8 pm I need to get home too.

7.   Do not wash pants in bleach or with pads in. DO WASH THEM no duct tape or medical tape on pants packing tape is ok. Don’t add patches or names  

8.   Do not alter the equipment, no dark visors. No personal helmets or face masks if you insist on your own bring it to equipment hand out for inspection 

9.   Never bother the cheerleader that are on our sideline they paid to cheer too                                                                                                                         10. Do not cross the line marking the players box or call your player to come to you during the games. they are mine during games 

11. Do not call coaches or team moms after 9 pm

12. Talking with your players during practice will cause the entire team to run they are Mine from 6-8 

            A few Player rules





5    Do not talk with parents or guests during practices or games except when told to by coaches  

If you have any questions do ask me before and after practice



My phone number 720-302-3777 Email

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